Invalid Sum - Some tickets are missing!

I am trying to implement a simple Leaderboard that will show the performance of my team.
What I am looking for is to rank team members based on their quality, where quality is calculated
from several completed Jira tickets against the number of rejected tickets.

The problem is that I am counting tickets using custom field (completed at), which is a date field
but for some reason, I don’t see all the tickets in the report if I compare them to the JQL filter.

I believe I am missing something straightforward, but I still can’t find a proper solution.

Important design decisions:

  • Category and Time should be configured as Page
    This allows us to change the view of the Leaderboard easily
  • Time needs to show:
    • WTD (Week to Date)
    • T1W (Trailing 1 Week)
    • T4W (Trailing 4 Weeks)
  • Rows should list all Assignees that have tickets assigned to them (even if there are 0 completed)

As an example, here’s my configuration

// WTD Measure - This is used as a Page to set Time view
    [Time.Weekly].[Week].DateMembersBetween('1 weeks ago', 'today')

// Completed Unit Measure
// This seems to be incorrect as it shows different data from what I get with JQL filter
-- annotations.disable_drill_across=true
        Descendants([Issue].Currentmember, [Issue].[Issue]),
          [Measures].[Issue Completed at],
    ), 0

Hi @Milos_Sretin,

I see you are using the Issue property “Issue completed at” which gives the date as Issue property, displaying value only on the Issue level. To sum issues that are “completed at” the period of time, you would use the Issues with completed at measure.

There is a Time dimension in the eazyBI data cube which groups dates that can be mapped to various measures showing totals for a period of time.
When you import a date picker Jira field as a measure, you can use the numerical measure Issues with date picker with the “Time” dimension members.

When using the “Time” dimension with that numerical measure eazyBI would count the issues where your date picker field value belongs to the selected/displayed time period.

See also this video on how to use the Time dimension with different numerical measures in eazyBI.

Lauma /