Is dimension data visible in different cubes under one account?


I’m importing some “worklog” data from two 3rd party systems via excel/cvs in two different cubes under one account. As this data is related to jira issues, I have used a dimension called “issue” in both cubes.
However, there is no association to jira issues ( except the URL property feature ) nor a definition of a jira cube.

I now realized, that in one cube ( created later ) I can see the dimension data from the other cube.
Is that possible?

Interestingly it’s only the dimension data and no measures. So I have a report related to the second cube with a table with rows using that “issue” dimension in question, where the displayed rows show data from that dimension from the first cube, but no measures.

I would have assumed that the “data hierachy” is account - cubes - dimensions.

But my observation tells me something different. Could someone please explain this?