Is it possible to convert a Jira custom field (type string) to integer to become a measure?

Hi there,

I have a Jira custom field of list type. The values offered are actually numbers : 10, 20, 30 etc.
I want to import these into EasyBI as a measure on an issue, with history.
EasyBI quite rightly refuses because measures have to be numbers.

Is it possible to convert the custom field on import to a number? I tried using custom Javascript with parseInt but simply ended up with blank values.

Thanks for any help.

Yes, you are correct. eazyBI detects data type String and imports select list custom fields as dimensions and properties only.

However, you can override the data type and set other import options using eazyBI advanced settings. You might need help from the Jira admin here, though.

Please note. If you are updating the data type of the field. You would like to deselect the field from import options and run an import to get rid of any previous setup. Then set the desired import options for the field in eazyBI advanced settings. Select the field back for import with new import options. eazyBI will create new data structures for the field.

String to Number transformations. There could be a case when the string to number conversation does not work well during import and you can get import error. Then you can use javascript code to validate if the field can be imported as a numeric field. Please see the example in our documentation for more details.

Daina /