Is it possible to create a custom hierarchy for imported Insight objects?

Hi there!

I am interested in creating a custom hierarchy for imported Insight objects in the similar way as is possible for Jira issues

The Insight objects hierarchy should be based on the attributes of type “Object” a.k.a References.

Sample use case:
ITSM Insight object Scheme with several object types, such as Server, Application, Service, DB Scheme, DB, Service…
I would like to create few custom hierarchies such as “Server -> Application -> Service” OR “DB -> DB Scheme -> Application -> Service” and so on…

Is that possible? If yes, how?

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Currently, there is no option to define custom hierarchies in Insight. I added a community vote to the ticket. While we have some ideas for this, we do not have any clear plans on it yet.

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At ESS we have the same problem. We have many different use cases. I think it would be aan enabler both for Insight and EazyBI to implement this.

Martin Wennerholm a European Spallation Source ERIC

Thanks for the vote. We already started working on this. We will start with simpler solution by adding additional level by an attribute for any outbound object attribute dimension.

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