Is the data in real time?

Based on what I have read, the source data is initially imported and then imported daily on a schedule or similar. Does this mean the data that is coming from JIRA and Zendesk are not in real-time? Does this tool have the capability of have the data be in real-time or better than one day (e.g. 20m or 1h delay)?

Please advise.

You are right, in eazyBI data is not represented in a real time.
By default data are imported (refreshed) once per day, but you may schedule data import frequency up to every 10 minutes.

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I do not see a clear way to set this up. the documentation says I should have options like “Every day”, “Every hour”, “Every 10 minutes” but I do not see these during the import setup. I only see Daily (Default, None/Never and Daily at specific time. How do I configure for “Every 10 minutes”?

I have already done the initial import so now just need incrementals to come in every 10m so that the time is close to realtime.

Please advise.

It seems you have eazyBI add-on for Jira Cloud.
Available import frequency for servers version and cloud version are slightly different. For cloud version, available data import frequency is once a day or manual data import on a request.

If you have eazyBI for Jira Cloud and need to increase import frequency, please, write to eazyBI support (, and we will help you to set it up.

I am sorry to say, at the moment we are not enabling more frequent data imports for new eazyBI Cloud and eazyBI for Jira Cloud accounts. Some of your accounts already have data import every hour, do not worry, they will remain as they are.

We are looking for a new approach on enabling more frequent data imports. Until the new approach is not implemented, we are not enabling more frequent data import for eazyBI Cloud and eazyBI for Jira Cloud accounts.

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Wait, I created EasyBI and imported data from JIRA Cloud. I have not installed the eazyBI add-on for Jira Cloud… same with Zendesk.

Did I do this wrong? What is the difference? Based on my requirements below which should I use…

  • Need ability to pull data from Zendesk and Jira on 10m or 1h intervals for ‘close to’ real time data.
  • Need ability to create Reports that show data from both Zendesk and Jira (multiple Cubes). I do not see a way to do this. A simple example is the requirement to show Created vs. Solved tickets BY TIER.

The problem is that the Tier 1 ticket data is coming from the Zendesk data Cube and the Tier 2 and Tier 3 data is coming from the Jira data Cube.

I need to be able to do this otherwise this reporting tool is not sufficient. Please advise.


I’d like to know if there is something new on that subject ?
We use EazyBi more and more in our company, but we sometimes need to have fresh data, lot of people can import data from “source data” to do so.
It begins to be a problem for us, as everyone can change configuration and edit imports.
But on the other hand, we can’t ask people to wait 10 min for fresh data.

I’d like to know if another solution is planned ?
Or could we restrict rights, allowing people to import but not to edit for example ?

thanks a lot !

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