Is the MDX function LookUpCube available in EazyBI?


For some problems, I felt like it would be great to use data from one cube in another one. While reading fast track on MDX I stumbled on the LookUpCube function (page 196 …). So I tried it out within 1 account with 2 cubes but it won’t work.

  1. Is the function available?
  2. What is the correct use?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Christopher,

“Fast track to MDX” is an amazing book, isn’t it?

In this case, there is a difference between MDX described in the book and MDX used in Mondrian (and eazyBI) - LookUpCube function is not implemented and used in MDX for Mondrian at all.

Keep reading and asking next questions! :slight_smile:


Indeed gave me some good insights. But is there in Mondriaan/EazyBI a way to combine data from different cubes?



In eazyBI, we try to find a suitable workaround - for instance, use some common field to map and import data in the same cube (at least, partly).
Another option: just create reports in two cubes (the same account) and display them side by side on the dashboard.

If you have a particular use case, it would be better to discuss it in a support email. I discussed it with Raimonds, he has some ideas we could try out.


Hi Ilze,

I have similar situation on my project and i thought i can add it here. I am using jira data as my source and facing issue while trying to perform the lookup. Objective is to get issue_key from issues for matching custom field code present in issues cube.

Is there a way to do this? I did not map any common field while importing the source.

Ganesan K.