Is there a tool/option for MDX to provide suggested text when writing a calculated member?


I’m new to MDX and eazyBI, but can’t find any related searches to my question.

I’m curious if there’s a tool for MDX that helps with writing the queries/calculated members?

Similar to SQL there is ‘SQL complete’ where it will provide you with a list of functions when you start typing, provide you with what tables/Dimensions are available, etc.

Its a bit tedious to have to manually type out every aspect to your logic.

Thanks in advance!

Hey, Emiliy,

I have some good news for you… Starting from today, we’ve implemented a context-sensitive Autocompletion feature for the eazyBI MDX Editor.

We presented this upcoming feature in eazyBI Community Days ( forward to minute 23):
6-Latest eazyBI Features and Future Ideas by Raimonds Simanovskis, eazyBI

Currently, the eazyBI MDX Editor Auto-complete feature is available only on eazyBI Cloud, but it will be released on eazyBI for Jira server on our next software release. Please be patient…

@janis.gulbis Hi Janis, This is great news! When is the next release for JIRA Server?


Typically it takes about 1 month from the time a new feature is released on the eazyBI Cloud and the time it’s released on the eazyBI for Jira Server.
You can subscribe to “Watch” the app on the Atlassian Marketplace to receive updates as soon as the new version is released. (The “Watch” link is at the bottom-right corner)
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