Is there a way to Calculate a percentage of Page Filtered of the Unfiltered Total?

I want to calculate a Percentage of Story Point Completed per Sprint for a Specific Label or Epic Hierarchy of the Total Story points completed in the Sprint. The issue is that i don’t want to hardcode the value on the Metric, but based on the page Filter.
Is There a ways to obtain the page unfiltered value of a Metric?

Hi @Carlos_Fonseca

You can use a defaultmember in the formula of user-defined calculated measure to override some specific member for the report.

Try creating new user-defined measure (with one of % formatting) using this example:

[Measures].[Sprint story points completed]
[Measures].[Sprint story points completed],

If the report is filtered by Label, the code above will calculate the filtered label from all labels.

Martins / eazyBI