Is there a way to count all the assignees that participated in on project during a time slot

We have a big team with several projects in Jira. Members always help with other projects. I want to count numbers of people participated in one project during a certain period of time.

I don’t even have a clue on the solution.

Any idea are welcome.


Hi Lee,

Perhaps, you could share more details on what exactly do you mean “participation” in the project.
Do these members log hours or do they assign issues for themselves and then move accross statuses? The solution may vary depending on the definition for “participation”.
eazyBI is importing different fields and data about selected issues and use-cases can be very different.

If they log hours, you could use a measure “Hours logged” together with “Logged by” dimension and filter the report by Time.
It would be possible also to return the unique number of users who have logged hours in a specific timeframe (see attached image) for selected project.

If that is the case, try creating a new calculated measure using this code:

Descendants([Logged by].CurrentHierarchyMember,[Logged by].[User]),
[Measures].[Hours spent]>0

Please find sample reports on our demo dashboard (note there are multiple dashboards on our demo account).

Best regards,