Is there a way to get the epic name and status linked in another project?

I’ve tried to get “Epic name” and “Epic status” from the project IMP and compare them to the project REQUEST issues status to see if they are, for example, following the same proccess. For instance, at REQUEST project, “In attendance” status needs to match “In progress”, “Ready QA”, “In QA”, “Ready Deploy” at IMP project If these issues are not going at the same time, using the report, we could message the assignee to correct the status. Does it make sense?

Hi @Luiz_Guerra,
Can you share an example of your use case? Are you using Epic link to link issues from different projects?
You may want to check the option to create a new hierarchy “Epics without project” - Additional Issue hierarchies

That will allow you to create an Epic hierarchy that includes issues from different projects and see all the statuses below. Import issue link field to filter issues by “Epic Status”:

Gerda //

Hi, @gerda.grantina! Thank you for your reply!

Here’s an example:

These issues are from REQUEST (all services requests). Each request issue has its own IMP epic attached (as it shows in Issue All links), so I am trying to get the Issue Epic Status, Issue Epic Link, and Assignee from the IMP epic attached to the request. Is that possible?

Hi @Luiz_Guerra,
It looks that those issues are not linked by Epic Link? As the information about the epic next to REQUEST is not displayed.
If so, then you can look into this article on how to import issue links as dimension with example report on how to retrieve information from linked issues: