Is there a way to isolate the agent that made updates to a ticket?

I am trying to create a report that identifies the name of an agent who made a specific edit to an issue. I want the name of the agent that added a label of “blocked” to a ticket. Is it possible through the issue history to isolate that data point as a field for reporting?

Hei @Taylor_Quinn ,
By default, this is not included in the eazyBI data model.

But you can import user interaction with the issues using the JavaScript custom field.
Here is an article that demonstrates how to retrieve different activities on the issue:

If you are on Cloud (and not on Server), then you can try the code below. It will retrieve the history entry author if the value for the label field is changed to “blocked.” The user mapping is done to the “Assignee” dimension, so if the user who changes the issues is not in the “Assignee” dimension, the user won’t appear in the report.
Also this code doesn’t change anything if the label value is removed.

name = "Label changed to blocked"
data_type = "integer"
measure = true
multiple_dimensions = ["Assignee","Time"]
javascript_code = '''
values = new Array;
    if (historyItem.field == "labels" && historyItem.toString === "blocked") {
      values.push( + "," + history.created.toString().substr(0, 10) + ",1");
  issue.fields.customfield_labelauthor = values.join("\n");

In the report (tested with label ‘demo’):

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