Is there a way to prevent cells from merging on eazyBI reports?

Hi. When I create a report in eazyBI, adjacent cells with the same value merge together as shown in the image below. It appears in Excel this way too, and I have a manager who does not want to look at these reports because this is happening. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

For instance, in the Priority column below, where the row with ‘Low’ highlighted, the ‘Low’ value would appear in each of the 5 rows below (instead of these 5 rows being empty).


We are also interested in this. Some table reports looks really bad with merged cells (especially for longer tables where you scroll down and you don’t see the column value as it scrolled up already).

Probably there is no current way to prevent merging cells, can we request it as feature request for upcoming releases? Thanks!

We’ve found that that the last column is always displayed separately on every row, while all previous columns’ values are spanned across multiple lines. Why?

Yes, I spent hours creating one report for a manager and he won’t even look at it because the cells merge. And eazyBI support has not responded to this issue in almost a month.

Voting for same topic. The cells merging is sometimes unfriendly especially when the table is not displayed on the screen completely.