Is there a way to show the top 10 items in a pie chart and then one entry for everything else

I have a pie chart that returns 50-ish rows, most with 1 or 2 records. I can use “Top Rows” -> “N Rows” -> “10” to show just the top 10 slices (which have about 1/2 all my data), but I don’t see a way to add a single slice for “Other”, so my pie chart still sums up to the full total.

Is there a way to show the top 10 slices and an additional slice labeled “Other” for all the remaining data? For reference, the Jira out-of-box pie chart supports this, by default.

Hi @grandeau, there should be a button that says “All others”. Clicking this will add a section for everything not in the top ten

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Thanks! That is exactly what I needed. I’m surprised I never noticed that option before.