Is there anyway to organize sprints in rows alphabetically?

I’m wondering if there is a way to organize the sprints listed in rows in an alphabetical manner or numerical manner. For example: Sprint 1 > Sprint 2 > Sprint 3. The line chart I am making has the sprint as rows and two columns (a calculated measure and projects by components) as the columns. There has been an issue within our team because one of the Sprints was created in the wrong board which comes before the other boards, which now makes it show like Sprint 4 > Sprint 1 > Sprint 2 > Sprint 3. I have been told updating and moving it will ruin the data. Is there any way in eazyBI to make this sort like Sprint 1 > Sprint 2 > Sprint 3 > Sprint 4?

Solved this by ordering by sprint start date, put in the sprint start measure and then click on that column to order it, then remove it. Should honestly be a way to order without having to put in a measure and then remove it, it isn’t very intuitive or UX friendly…

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Hi @matthenry,

I am happy you found the solution and shared it with the community. That is the best way to order Sprints by their start date.

What would be your desired way of ordering dimension members by a particular property? How could we make it more intuitive?

Roberts //