Issue count based on time logger

hi all

i’m trying to create a report that will show me how many issues (count) i have based on the time logger.

i have created a report that contains all of my issue types and how much time my team reported on it.
so for example i have:
Team | Bug | 50MD

i would like to see how many bug are in the 50 MD

thank you

Hi @Naama,

You might want to use measures “Hours spent” and “Issues with hours spent” to see logged hours and the issue count on which those hours are logged (see measure description in the documentation: Jira Core measures and dimensions).

Then use the dimension “Issue Type” on report pages to filter only bugs and the dimension “Team” or “Logged by Team” (if you have Tempo) to group data by teams.
If you retrieve worklogs from Tempo Timesheets there are more details on available dimensions and measures: Tempo.

Zane /