Issue count created and resolved since a specific calendar date

We are starting round 2 UAT testing and would like to see a ticket create and resolve count starting on June 12th.

Hi @phil_harman

You may want to create a calculated member in Time dimension to define the time period from Jun 12th. How to create calculated members: Calculated members in other dimensions - eazyBI for Jira

As a base for the calculation, you can check out Time dimension members from the eazyBI demo account and adjust formula accordingly to your time period: Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI
For example, check out “Selected date range” if you have start and end dates for the period,
or "Since 2021" if you want to define only the start date.

Adjusted “Since 2021” for your case will be the following:

  'Jun 12 2021')>=0

Select this Time member in the report, and then use measures “Issues created” and “Issues resolved” to get the created and resolved issues during the time period.

Ilze /