Issue count over-time based on a historical custom field value

I managed show the “increment” of all Epics (grouped by “initiative”) over a period of time seeing how the increment field evolved.

Now, I want to count them - and I am having some trouble…

Custom Filed #1 = “initiative” (text field)
Custom Field #2 = “increment” (text field – historical and imported properly)

Here is what I would want the report to look:

//////////////////|Q1-2022 || Q2-2022 || Q3-2022 || Q4–2022
//////////////////|in-1 | in-2|| in-1 | in-2 || in-1 | in-2|| in-1 | in-2
“Initiative A” |101 | 141|| 119 | 102|| 222 | 272|| 112 | 29
“Initiative B” |202 | 171|| 229 | 511|| 102 | 172|| 161 | 15

And the meaning would be, for example: at the end of Q1-2022, for “Initiative A”, we had 101 Epics in increment = in-1 and 141 with increment in-2.

Any hint greatly would be greatly appreciated!

Hello community!

It seems that only though my own ignorance I didn’t see the really SIMPLE solution - with no additional calculated members.

The breakthrough was realizing to replace “Issues Created” (or “Issues Created Cout”) with “Issues History” when using it in combination with Time and my “Increment” field imported with “value changes”.

Thank you eazyBI for making it so simple! :slight_smile:

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