Issue creating an additional issue hierarchy


I’m desperately looking for help on this. I have an issue type called “Initiative”. I’m looking to see all the Initiative within a project, all the epic linked to it, as well as the stories, sub-tasks and bugs. The logical hierarchy would be:

  • Initiative
    - > Epic
    → Story/Bugs
    → Sub-Tasks

This is an example where PMO-7 is an Initiative and I’ve linked SQP-100 with the inward “is child of”

In order to create the custom hierarchy in EazyBI, I added the following in advanced settings:

##Issue is child of Initiative
#import reference to Initiative for Epic
name = "Initiative"
inward_link = "is child of" #link name and direction from Epic perspective
issue_type = "Initiative"
dimension = true
update_from_issue_key = "epic_key" # pass down values to children of epic

## Issue hierarchy Initiative
name = "Initiative"
all_member_name = "All Issues by Initiative"
levels = [
  #one custom level above default epic hierarchy
  #default set of levels for epic hierarchy, do not change it

I was expecting to have something like this where instead of Feature it would Initiative and I could see all the epics linked to it.

However, this is what I’m getting:

I followed this really helpful Tips & Trick but can’t seem to figure it out:*kjsncd*_ga*OTEyMTQ1MjkyLjE2MzA0OTk0MDQ.*_ga_LKTNY5C56W*MTY5MDM2NDk5My43Ny4xLjE2OTAzNzE5NDUuNTUuMC4w

Can someone assist me please ?

Thank you


The configuration of the hierarchy is correct, considering that the link from child issues to the Inititaive is correctly named and the direction is properly detected. Perhaps, this documentation page could help with further troubleshooting: Import issue links

Janis, eazyBI support