Issue cycle standard deviation calculation

Hi There,
I would like to calculate the standard deviation of issue cycles (we have ‘new’, ‘active’ and ‘waiting’ mapped) and plot on a time series chart. I would use this to show the +2 and -2 95% bands around the precalculated mean.

I could really use some guidance please


Hi @mfagan

Please check this presentation slides deck:*1rsfw18*_ga*MTMwNzMzNDczNC4xNjg3MTUzNDE0*_ga_LKTNY5C56W*MTY4OTkxNzIzMS4xMDUuMS4xNjg5OTIwMzgzLjYwLjAuMA.

In slide 19 there is very similar formula example described, just with +3 and -3

Martins / eazyBI

Thank you. That worked for me.