[Issue] EazyBI Dashboards Common Filters


I am not getting common filters while adding “eazybi dashboard” as gadget on jira dashboard. It is showing filters at widget level. The dashboard is not rendering properly as expected while creating an eazyBI dashboard. This was working fine but suddenly my dashboards are breaking

Filters configured in eazy bi dashboard are at dashboard level (common filters)

But in JIRA dashboard it is showing filters at widget level.

It is showing error in browser console on page load as stated below:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'getHierarchy')
    at i.addOverridedSelectedPagesToDimensionDefinition (application_cubes-3f7b08d8b18fb24583977954fed9e4d66255eb2ee0d1372bddf136f9b06a3083.js:formatted:8163:44)
    at t._loadPageDimensionDefinition (application_cubes-3f7b08d8b18fb24583977954fed9e4d66255eb2ee0d1372bddf136f9b06a3083.js:formatted:8771:27)
    at t.<anonymous> (application_cubes-3f7b08d8b18fb24583977954fed9e4d66255eb2ee0d1372bddf136f9b06a3083.js:formatted:8755:34)
    at t.<anonymous> (application_common-d082b8f2829a38f86bffea7b394b3c440a0a250c3634285784e4f36eb119b9f3.js:22:6759)
    at t.<anonymous> (application_common-d082b8f2829a38f86bffea7b394b3c440a0a250c3634285784e4f36eb119b9f3.js:21:29423)
    at v (application_common-d082b8f2829a38f86bffea7b394b3c440a0a250c3634285784e4f36eb119b9f3.js:22:7382)
    at g (application_common-d082b8f2829a38f86bffea7b394b3c440a0a250c3634285784e4f36eb119b9f3.js:22:7056)
    at h (application_common-d082b8f2829a38f86bffea7b394b3c440a0a250c3634285784e4f36eb119b9f3.js:22:5013)
    at u.trigger (application_common-d082b8f2829a38f86bffea7b394b3c440a0a250c3634285784e4f36eb119b9f3.js:22:6949)
    at t.set (application_common-d082b8f2829a38f86bffea7b394b3c440a0a250c3634285784e4f36eb119b9f3.js:22:8812)

eazyBI cloud has a temporary problem when the common dashboard pages do not work in Jira dashboards. We are working on this already. The solution should be in the nearest time.

Daina / support@eazybi.com

It was working till afternoon. Is the issue start from today only? @daina.tupule

The problem was related to the updates released yesterday. We fixed the problem yesterday as well. Sorry, I did not add the update note here.

eazyBI for cloud is constantly improved and updated. The newest features appear there way faster than on the server. It could cause some temporary problems. We are there for this and try to solve them as quickly as possible.

Daina / support@eazybi.com