Issue Hierarchy - Linking Not Working

HI! I’m trying to create an issue hierarchy but the linking is not working. It looks as though it’s pulling in the request information as it should but the tasks are not linked properly. Our hierarchy: Request > Task > Sub-task.

Here is the code for Requests, Tasks, and hierarchy:

name = “Request”
inward_link = “triggered”
issue_type = “Request”
update_from_issue_key = “customfield_task”

inward_link=‘has Sub Task’

name = “Request”
all_member_name = “All Issues by requests”
levels = [
{name=“Request”, key_column=“customfield_request”,issue_type=“Request”},
{name=“Task”,key_column=“customfield_task”, issue_type=“Task”},

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I’ve switched our Task code to the following but still no luck:

inward_link=‘has Sub Task’

Anybody have any other thoughts?

Can anyone help me out with this? Still not able to get it working. Thanks

Hi @gbowles,
We solved this question in our support. But I am posting the answer here for others who might be interested in this.

If you have default parent-subtask linking, then you can adapt this code for your case -

Like this:

name = "Service Request"
outward_link = "triggers"
issue_type = "Service Request"
update_from_issue_key = "parent_issue_key"

name = "Request and tasks"
all_member_name = "All Issues by requests"
levels = [
  {name="Service Request",key_column="customfield_request",issue_type="Service Request"},

Pay attention to the link directions and names as it can be a common mistake - as you can see I am using “outward_link”, but it depends on the way how the links are used in Jira. Check the link name and type in Jira from a child perspective, see troubleshooting here -

Here is an example:

  1. I have top-level Service request task with linked issue TP-1:
  2. Then I go to TP-1 and see the link it has is triggers:
  3. I check in issue linking what type this link is, in my case, it is outward :

Whenever changing advanced settings for custom fields, you might want to perform double data import to ensure the correct outcome of changes (

  1. In import option, deselect custom fields “Service Request” from data import and import data. This action will clear the previous data and data structures (even you see them as empty).
  2. When data import is completed, update the advanced settings for the field “Service Request”. Save the changes.
  3. In import option, select the custom field “Service Request” for data import and import data for the second time.

Gerda //