Issue Hierarchy Multilevel

Hi Team,

We need support to build multilevel issue hierarchy in EazyBI report for rollup data.

Linked Issue Hours Spent Story Points
S/W 1 4 100 10
Epic 1 25 0
Story 1 30 6
Sub-task 1 30 2
Sub-task 2 15 2
S/W 2 4 100 10
Epic 2 25 0
Story 2 30 6
Sub-task 1 30 2
Sub-task 2 15 2

Hi @asnewfold,

The hierarchy is well suited for rolling up data and representing sub-total values at each level.

You can build a new issue hierarchy by defining each hierarchy level in eazyBI advanced settings .
It looks like you want to modify the Sub-tasks hierarchy in the Issue dimension by adding one more level “S/W 1” above. In this case, the hierarchy would have three levels:

  1. SW task
  2. Parent issues (including Epics and Stories)
  3. Sub-tasks

Please see the documentation for details and examples on defining a new Issue hierarchy in eazyBI: Additional Issue hierarchies.
Described example, “Separate hierarchy level for Story between parent and epic”, might best match your use case. Adjust it by removing two top levels. Adjusted settings might look something like this:

name = "SW task"
inward_link = "is caused by"
issue_type = "SW task"
update_from_issue_key = "parent_issue_key"
dimension = true

name = "Issues by SW tasks"
all_member_name = "All Issues by SW"
levels = [
  {name="SW task",key_column="customfield_linkedsw",issue_type="SW task"},

Please pay attention to the “Troubleshooting” chapter on finding the correct link name and make changes when adjusting the advanced settings.

Zane /

Hi @zane.baranovska

It is working for one level, What will be the code for both inward and outward links. I want to display linked issues and epic link issues under a Epic. For the above code, I got inward relationship between S/W Task and Epic task. I want more drill down, like S/W task(both inward and outward links) - Epic(Inward, Outward, Epic link issues)

SW Task
Inward Issues
Epic 1
Inward Issues
Outward Issues
Epic Link Issues
Epic 2
Inward Issues
Outward Issues
Epic Link Issues
Outward Issues
Epic 3
Inward Issues
Outward Issues
Epic Link Issues

Ankit Sain