Issue Hierarchy (Requirement Tracebility)

Hi Community, I would like to create a requirement traceability metrics (Higher level Epics >>> Epics >>> User story) each of these fields in separate columns and some of its properties (like status, assignee etc) in adjacent columns.

I was using Issue Links to establish the first two columns (Higher level Epics and Epics ). I was trying to create MDX code to identify user stories linked to epics and can you help here.
[Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember. >>> points to higher level Epics and not to the Epics.

Can you support

Hi @Shibu,

​If you use different issue types for the different hierarchy levels - Higher Epics and Epics, then you might build a hierarchy within the Issue dimension.

​Every time when you address “[Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember” you are looking at the lowest Issue level applicable for the current row.

​You might then address a higher level via Ancestor() function - Ancestor.

​Then you can reference the Higher epic for every row via the following expression.

 [Issue].CurrentHierarchy.Levels("Higher Epic"))

​And then you can retrieve the relevant property of the relevant member via .Get() function like the following.

 [Issue].CurrentHierarchy.Levels("Higher Epic")).Get('Assignee name')

​Oskars /