Issue Key not available?

Is the issue key not available as its own field anywhere in eazyBI? (i.e. Defect-xxxx, etc)
It looks like it’s merged into the issue name/summary.

Hi @cl8855,
There are 2 ways how you can show only Issue key in the eazyBI report.

  1. You can use a built-in option Display name. Click on any issue name in a row, select option Display name , and then option Show key (see picture below).

    :exclamation:Note this option is available starting from eazyBI for Jira server version 4.5.0 .

  2. You can create a new calculated measure (in Measures) with the following formula what return issue key for the current member.
    It will look like this:

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When I use [Issue].CurrentMember.Key as User defined measure then I get always 0 displayed

What am I doing wrong ?

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I found the issue -


works well

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