Issue link between capabilities and features


I have a problem to create a report with capacities (custom problem in JIRA) and a functionality attached to capacities with the problem link “implements”, separated by state.

I added a problem link in the index and the dimension, but systematically this measure contains all the linked functionalities, and I don’t know how to separate them by status.

Hi @sebastien,

Property values are not restricted by the dimensions and set filters. If it has a value, it will display it. If not, it won’t.

If you wish to display the Features linked to the Capability type issues and distinguish them between statuses, try the approach below.

Define the “Feature” issue link dimension if you have not done that. Check out the eazyBI documentation page for more info on this -

Define the “Feature Status” linked field dimension. This way, you will be able to filter the report based on the linked “Feature” issue statuses instead of the “Capability” statuses. eazyBI documentation has more details regarding this - The example uses the Label dimension. Replace it with Status. I have to note that it won’t work if the Feature issue link dimension has the multiple_values = true parameter.

Finally, move the Issue Type dimension in pages and select “Capability”. Move the Feature link dimension rows of the report, after the Issue dimension, and the “Feature Status” to the columns. The result could look similar to the one below:

In the example, I used the Story link dimension and the Story Priority linked field dimension. The report displays all the Bugs that have linked Stories. The linked Stories are distinguished between their Priorities.

Roberts //


we define a new issue type “PI” all the issue that will be in the PI has the following link = outward_link = “Program Increment”
we import this link into eazy BI with the following definition:

name = “Is in PI”
outward_link = “Program Increment”
multiple_values = true
dimension = true

and i need your guideline the establish the hierarchy correctly in eazyBI to analyze all the Feature and epics that belongs to the PI.