Issue link field dimension for initiatives


I want to create a issue link field dimension. Here is my code:

I want to filter my hierarchy on the top level (Initiative-> Epic → Story).
I also activate the new dimension in the import settings, but the dimension is not visible in my reports - can you help me?


I try some options and now it is available, but I got this error message.
Here is my code:

The first definition of the issue link field dimension Initiative Status and the issue link field Initiative PM seems valid.

eazyBI does not import defined issue link field dimensions by default. You would like to select it for import explicitly. Issue link field dimension selection is different than issue link field selection. Issue link field dimension selection is available in Additional options (not in Custom fields).

It seems you updated the definition at some point using issue_id_column instead of issue_key_column. The issue_key_column should be used with any issue link field, in this case with customfield_InitiativePM.

Issue id column could be used if you would address a field containing integer - issue ID. We suggest using it with epic_id field mostly when you need to address epic.

I would suggest those steps to get this working:

  1. deselect the issue link field dimension Initiative status from the import options tab Additional options

  2. run an import to delete the current setup for this dimension
    Those two steps will delete the dimension. If you have any calculated members in this dimension they will be deleted, if you have any calculated measures with this dimension, they will be marked as invalid.

  3. update the eazyBI advanced settings using issue_key_column for this dimension

  4. select back the Initiative status dimension in the import options tab Additional options

  5. run an import. This will create a new correct setup of the dimension.
    Fix the invalid measures if you have some.

Daina /