Issue link field dimensions for Transition Status

Hi there,
I’m trying to create a report that displayes the history of remaining efforts in a Product Backlog. The Backlog consists of Epics and the broken-down work is handled as Stories and Subtasks in separate Jira Projects.

To achieve my Goal I will have to filter the Epics by Status, because that’s the way to differ between “To be Implemented” and “Ideas for Future” or “Won’t be done at all”. Problem is, that Epics can move between these status over time and should be regarded in a given Time by the status that they had then.

So I would like to have

  • For each Time Member
    • For a given set of historic Epic Status and Parent Resolutions and Subtask Resolutions
    • What was the remaining effort on the Epic, including all Stories and Subtasks
    • While: calculating resolved Issues and their descendants with a remaining effort of 0, regardless if the descendants are resolved themselves

My calculated measure looks like this at the moment:

-- Efforts
([Measures].[Remaining estimated hours change],
  [Epic Status].[Is or was in Product Backlog],
  [Parent Resolution].[(unresolved)],

I got far by reading in this community, but I’m stuck at the point with the historic Epic status. When trying to configure a Issue link field dimension for “Epic Transition Status” the system response with an error message when I try to put it into the report (“Failed to execute query. Error message:
Unknown column ‘jira_issues_bt.transition_status_id’ in ‘where clause’”). I think, this use case is not supported by eazyBI, because it also is not officially documented. So question: is there any other way to do this?


So far I have configured Issue link field dimensions to handle calculation of decendant’s remaining efforts (Filtering them out by setting “Parent Resolution” to “(unresolved)”).

But as far as I understand, even that has problems, because the “Parent Resolution” could as well have been unset in the past, but my Diagram would not show this (but hide that Parent issue for all time dimension members).

I also tried with a calculated measure and the Decendants-Function, but the amount of issues is too high for our current setup, so I get Out-of-Memory errors. I would like to have a solution that scales into the future.

Kind regards


the Issue link field dimensions cannot to show the history of the fields from which you create the linked field dimensions. Neither Transition status can be used as a field for the configuration of the issue link field dimension. The documentation mentions explicitly which fields are allowed for this construction:

The use case like you describe requires a specific custom measures with the MDX formulas. Unfortunately, those are hard to debug and might also have the performance issues, but for most cases a solution is possible.

Janis, eazyBI support