Issue parent key as a dimension

I am new to eazyBi and would like to ask this simple question.

Is it possible to create the “issue parent key” property as a dimension?

I have done some research and I am not sure if this dimension can be created as a custom field in eazyBi.
My first approach was to create this custom field in Advance settings, but it doesn’t work.

name = “My field inherited”
dimension = true
data_type = “string”
update_from_issue_key = “subtask_parent_key”


Hi @lmromero_AT

Welcome to eazyBI community.

In eazyBI when importing data you would automatically get the second hierarchy “Issue.Sub-task” in the “Issue” dimension that would let you group issues by their parent issue. Hierarchy functionality would automatically aggregate results bottom/top

Why would you need to import something in addition from advanced settings?
What is the use case?

Martins / eazyBI support