Issue Resolved Time To SLA Report


I want to know the sla successes of issue in a project. There are many projects in the system, I keep getting an error when I want to group issues according to who opened the issue. I think it will be from the number of issues, but the problem persists even though I have added a filter for the project, issuetytype. What I want to do is grouping in Assigne, issue breakdown.


Welcom to the eazyBI community. I answered you in the support conversation, but here is the answer:

I would suggest using only one dimension in rows. If you want to see the list of Issues and also the Assignee, please consider using the property “Issue assignee” (under - Issue Properties). If you want to use the Assignee dimension, it is better to use it as a filter in Pages.
Please use at least one measure (not property) in columns and consider filtering the rows. For example, choose Issues created and Filter it with criteria “>0”.

If this won’t help, kindly please send the report definition: Export and import report definitions