Issue Solved at Date

Hi everyone,
i need support for a report i can’t create.

I need to know how many issues have been closed as of date X.

I have a report that tells me how many issues open in the period are closed now, but how do I know how many of these were closed last month? Can I make the closing date variable?

Thank you very much

Hi @mroncallo,

The report that shows issues by their creation date in their current status seems to be something with the Time dimension in rows, and the measure “Issues created” and the Status dimension in columns.
The measures ‘Issues created’, ‘Issues resolved’, and ‘Issues closed’ link issues to the Time dimension members when the specific action occurred.
Please read more about standard Jira measures here - Jira Core measures and dimensions.

Therefore, if you want to see when the issue was closed or how many issues got closed within a specific month - you might use the measure ‘Issues closed’ and the Time dimension.

Oskars /