Issue types mismatch

Hi everyone,

I was able to setup a report where I visualise the number of Story Points per sprint split by Issue Type (Bug, Story, …).

When I drill through issues however I noticed a couple of problems:

  • for some issues I get a “No data found” screen
  • for some issues we changed in a later step the issue type but the one imported by eazyBI seems still to be the original one

Do you have any suggestions about possible causes and solutions? Thanks!


In eazyBI the context is defined by the report measures.

It is important to understand which measures you select for your report when calculating results.

“Drill through issue” is limited to the report context. If some measures are overriding the context during the calculation, they could return “no data” for the given report’s context.

Some eazyBI default measures are mapping results to the current dimension values, and some others to historical - if eazyBI imports the history for the dimension (as for “Issue type”).

So, what measures and dimensions exactly do you use exactly in your report?

Perhaps you can export and share the definition of your report so we can understand how exactly you calculate the results.

Martins / eazyBI

Thanks for following up @martins.vanags .

This report I am trying to generate is meant to show how the nature of work (i.e. issue type) changes over time (i.e. sprints).

As a measure I actually simply use the “Sprint Story Points completed” measure that comes with the default Agile measures. I have then an additional dimension “Issue Type” to split the story points completed by issue types. This is for the columns.

As for the rows I only use the “Sprint” dimension.

This is the exported definition for this report:

  "cube_name": "Issues",
  "cube_reports": [ {
     "name": "Flow Distribution",
     "folder_name": "Inxpect",
     "result_view": "bar_chart",
     "definition": {"columns":{"dimensions":[{"name":"Measures","selected_set":["[Measures].[Sprint Story Points completed]"],"members":[]},{"name":"Issue Type","selected_set":["[Issue Type.By name].[Name].Members"],"members":[{"depth":1,"name":"Story","full_name":"[Issue Type.By name].[Story]","drillable":true,"removed":true}],"bookmarked_members":[]}]},"rows":{"dimensions":[{"name":"Sprint","selected_set":["[Sprint.By status].[Sprint].Members"],"members":[{"depth":3,"name":"(no sprint)","full_name":"[Sprint.By status].[(none)].[(no board)].[(no sprint)]","url_id":-1,"url_sub_id":-1,"removed":true}],"bookmarked_members":[]}]},"pages":{"dimensions":[{"name":"Project","selected_set":["[Project].[All Projects]"],"members":[{"depth":0,"name":"All Projects","full_name":"[Project].[All Projects]","drillable":true,"type":"all","expanded":true,"drilled_into":false},{"depth":1,"name":"Sauron","full_name":"[Project].[Sauron]","drillable":true,"key":"SAUR","parent_full_name":"[Project].[All Projects]"}],"bookmarked_members":[],"current_page_members":["[Project].[Sauron]"]}]},"options":{"nonempty":true},"view":{"current":"bar_chart","maximized":false,"bar_chart":{"stacked":true,"vertical":true,"swap_axes":false,"data_labels":false,"series_options":{}},"table":{}},"calculated_members":[]}
  } ],
  "calculated_members": [{"name":"Sprint Story Points at closing","dimension":"Measures","format_string":"#,##0.00","formula":"-- Story points from issues when a sprint was closed\n( [Measures].[Story Points added],\n  [Transition Field].[Sprint status],\n  [Sprint Status].[Closed],\n  [Issue Sprint Status Change].[Active =\u003e Closed]\n)\n"},{"name":"Sprint Story Points completed","dimension":"Measures","format_string":"#,##0.00","formula":"(\n  [Measures].[Sprint Story Points at closing],\n  [Transition Status.Category].[Done]\n)\n"}]


Hi @Matteo_Agnelli

Issue type is one of the few dimensions in eazyBI where we import changes.
If you want to split results by the current issue type, you would need to either custom calculation (which can be slow) or implement a new calculated field “Current Issue type” using Javascript in advanced settings and import the field as a new dimension from the import options page.

You can try this code:

name = "Current issuetype"
data_type = "string"
dimension = true
javascript_code = '''

Then use new “Current issue type” dimension to split agile measures.

Martins / eazyBI

Thanks @martins.vanags , that worked like a charm!
Issue types are now actual and also drilling though issues works as expected.