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I am currently facing a critical trouble on EazyBI with Jira data. Some issues are wrongly set to “no sprint” in eazyBI, whereas in Jira they are assigned to a closed sprint.

Here is an example of an issue in my EazyBI report and the same one on Jira:

Have someone ever faced a similar trouble?

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No similar case faced?
I precise I work with JIRA v7.6.9 and eazyBI version 4.6.3.
Seems like I’m in a dead end. The only solution I see is to give up eazyBI and go back with Excel… too bad :frowning:

Without seeing your actual definition it is hard to tell, however I am no expert. What I have noticed is that using the “Issue created” sometimes gives a odd result. At the time the issue was created, there was no sprint assigned. I have hit this type of issues with other dimensions and have created custom counts,

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Thanks very much for your feedback.
I feel a bit relieved now that I know I am not the only one facing this issue :slight_smile:
Indeed, in my case the issues have not been created into a sprint, they have been moved to their sprint afterwards.
Any idea how I should retrieve the actual sprint with a calculated measure? Or an example from your workaround?

You could try using the open issue measure or create a custom measure that loop through all the issue dimensions. Sprint also gets weird as issues in multiple sprints will not reflect all the sprints to which the issue is assigned, just the latest or current. It will report them under the sprint dimension, but the measure for sprint only reflects a single sprint.

Hi @Vianney_Dugrain and @EdP,

When analyzing Sprint data, we recommend using Sprint scope measures, like, Sprint issues committed. You may review the list of available sprint scope measures and their descriptions in the documentation:

Measure Issues created is not well suited to analyze issue sprint history as it represents the current sprint of an issue. If the sprint has ended and an issue was not resolved during that sprint then Issues created is empty for this sprint. For more information on how sprints are related to no sprint scope measures, see the documentation:

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