Issues are not longer shown under closed sprint

Hi all,
since we closed our last sprint, some issues that belong to the sprint are now found under “no sprint” and not “Sprint 1”.
This is messing up our reporting.
Could somebody help me to get those issues as “no sprint” is not an option?
Thank you for your help.

Hi @Fabian ,

You might be using the Sprint as a dimension and the standard measure set.
If the issues were still not resolved at the moment of Sprint completion - they were removed from that sprint.
​Unless they are added to a new active or future sprint - they are currently assigned to ‘(no sprint)’.

​Please read more about how standard measures interact with the Sprint dimension here - standard measures and sprints.

​To track the progress within sprints - you might use the Sprint scope measures described here - Sprint scope measures.

However, if you want to display ​the sprints for a particular issue - you might use the customfield property ‘Issue sprints’.

​Oskars /