Issues Closed order By ASC

I want to order number of issues closed per assignee per month ASC or DESC. How to do this?

Hi @Petar_Cvetanovic,

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You might use the result of a measure to sort the rows.
You might read more about sorting rows by measures here - Create reports.

In order to have the entry groups on the Time dimension with the original sequence, you might create a new supplemental measure that holds both the start date in a numerical format and the actual value.
I would suggest creating it as a report-specific calculated measure named “ascending”.
The expression for such measure might be as follows.

[Measures].[Issues resolved]

After you have created this calculated measure in the Measures dimension, please add it to the report and sort rows by it.

After setting up the ordering clause, you might remove the supplemental measure from the report, but the ordering clause stays active.

report sample

Oskars /

This was not helpful at all. Can you make a video of how to do it.
We are calculating issue created by organisations. When a put this custom measure everything breaks.