"Issues created" measure shows wrong data in Asset Cube


I’m having trouble showing linked issues from an Assets Cube. I’m using the standard measure “Issues created” and a custom measure like

  Descendants([Jira Issue].CurrentMember,[Jira Issue].[Issue]),
  [Measures].[Issues created]>0
[Jira Issue].CurrentMember.Name || " - " || [Jira Issue].CurrentMember.GetString('Status'),

For some objects this shows the expected results, but there are others, where both fields stay empty, but if I click on “Navigate to Source” I do see linked issues. I tried re-importing, but this didn’t solve the problem. Do I need to adjust the query or is this a known bug in Jira cloud?

Hello, Thanks for reporting this.

We identified the problem in the Cloud. Assets import did not pick all linked issues for objects. Therefore, there were problems with reports. We fixed the bug and delivered the solution to Cloud. Please run full data reimport if issues are still missing.

Please check if this works and reach out to support@eazybi.com if there are still problems with this.

Daina / support@eazybi.com