Issues in a Planned sprint not started

I have a report that is working where I want to capture all issues that are in planned sprints but not un the active sprint or the backlog. The report is working but getting an error on the calculated member

Do not use the other dimension Measures when defining a calculated member in Sprint . Create complex calculations in Measures .


Descendants([Sprint].CurrentMember, [Sprint].[Sprint]),
[Measures].[Sprint Closed?] = ‘No’ AND
[Sprint].CurrentMember.Name <> ‘(no sprint)’ AND
isEmpty([Measures].[Sprint Start Date])),
[Sprint].[Sprint].CurrentMember )

Any help appreciated

Since eazyBI version 4.6.3 we added warnings to MDX redactor for formulas we do not suggest using.

We suggest using only dimension members and their properties in any dimension calculated members. We suggest using any complex calculations in Measures only.

In many cases, the formula you are using will work as expected. However, there could be some cases when it could impact report performance or could give you unpredictable results.

Here is a suggested formula for Future Sprints:

[Sprint].CurrentMember.Name <> "(no sprint)"
NOT [Sprint].CurrentMember.GetBoolean("Closed")
IsEmpty([Sprint].CurrentMember.get('Start date')))

Please take into account. The formula I shared above does not have a filter by any measure. If you are addressing this calculated member in any formula, you may want to add an additional filter by measures.

You can check our demo account for more Sprint calculated member examples and some reports on sprints.

Daina /