Issues Removed from epic/Initiative

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to create a measure that would let me know how many tickets were “removed”/“moved” to a different Initiative.

Essentially the same as the “issues removed from sprint” but for Initiatives not sprints.

is there a way to achieve that?

thank you

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I will add to Esteban’s questions since we work together.

We are also open to tracking against Fix version. The company operates as having two initiatives as the goal for a release, hence our first request to track what went in, went out, and was closed toward that goal.

What we need to track is a monthly report on newly created entries within an initiative/Fix version as well as entries removed from that goal and closed toward that goal. We currently have a report with 2 bars to report created and closed. But if entries are removed, the data is skewed yet not reported.

Thank you!


There are limitations in eazyBI that not all changes can be tracked currently:

  1. eazyBI cannot track changes in issue links, including the Epic link.
  2. eazyBI cannot track changes to multiple value fields. That concerns the standard and custom fields likewise.

So, that makes your use cases of scope change tracking not possible currently. The recommended workaround is to use a single value custom field for scope management which will be possible to use for scope change tracking.

Janis, eazyBI support

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Thank you, Janis.
Could we use Fix version and track what was moved in vs. out? I understand (and use) custom fields in Jira, but I have not seen one used for scope management. Could you please add to your response?
Thank you,

Hi Rose,

Unfortunately, the Fix version will also not work for the scope changes reporting. The Fix version is a multiple-value field, and eazyBI cannot track changes in multiple-value fields. The best we can do in eazyBI is to track the changed estimates for the Fix version, assuming the tickets that currently are in the Fix version.
The idea of the custom field is that you can use it as a replacement for the Fix version. eazyBI can track changes in single-value custom fields.

Janis, eazyBI support