Issues removed from Fix Version?

Hello everyone!

Here’s the situation.

We have this report that shows - issues created, issues resolved - and open issues for a given FIX VERSION.

We’re trying to have another bar that would tell us issues removed from the fix version.

Now: This Fix version field is a custom field that we have, not the system’s. I can track the changes in values but I don’t know what type of measure would give me the “issues removed”.

We’re basically trying to emulate what we can do with story points but with our custom fix version field.

Is this possible at all?

Thank you!

Hello Estaban,

If that is a single-select customfield where eazyBI imports change history, then the removal of the issue would be recorded as a transition from the specific value of the custom field dimension.

While looking up the number of issues removed from the dimension member might be quite simple, further measures involving other details might get complex.

The expression for the number of issues removed from the “custom Fix version” might look as follows.

([Measures].[Transitions from issues count],
 [Transition Field].[<name of the dimension>],
 [<name of the dimension>].[<the old value>])

However, if you need to find the number of historical story points removed from the custom Fix version, you first need to identify the issues that were removed and then look up their story points. Since that involves iteration through the issues and conditions related to the historical transitions, the calculation might get very slow on larger datasets.

The expression might be as follows.

--set of removed issues
--set of issues
--filter condition - removed from custom dimension    
  ([Measures].[Transitions from issues count],
   [Transition Field].[<name of the dimension>],
   [<name of the dimension>].[<old value>])>0
--numeric value for sum
--option a) current story points of issue
  [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get('Story Points')
--option b) historical story points - only relevant if historical values used for added SPs
--   ([Measures].[Story Points history],
-- --resetting the custom dimension, to get the number of story points at end of selected period
--   [<name of the dimension>].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember)

where stands for the name of your custom Fix version dimension
stands for the explicitly stated old fix version. If you use the page filter or report context (rows/columns) to define the “old fix version”, then you might remove this reference from the expression.

Oskars /