Issues that has been in a status or transition

I need to filter out the issues that has been in a status or transition, in this case “In Progress R&D Software”.

The goal is to have a table that calculates the KPI result from issues that has been in “In Progress R&D Software” and closed during the last 12 months.

I have solved this by filtering the data that I import to eazybi. JQL filter: status was in (“In Progress R&D Software”)

Is it possible to do this kind of filter directly in the eazybi report?

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Hi @Seprjefr

If the solution with JQL suits you, it is definitely the suggested solution!

Yes, it is possible to add this condition directly in each measure you would use, but those measures would be quite slow, as you would need to iterate through all issues and apply this filter condition, and then calculate the needed value from the filtered issue set.