Issues unresolved per week that were created more than 31 days ago at this time


I am quite new to eazyBI. I like this tool a lot and most standard reports were easy to create for me using all the helpful documentation and community posts. But now I am a bit stuck. I would like to create an overview on a weekly basis for all issues that were created more than 31 days in the past. Imagine a bar chart displaying a bar per week showing for this week the number of open defects that were created more than 31 days back in the past. I think that it will probably take an expression involving Issue history but I do not know which fields to include in the filter and how.

Can someone help me?

Thanks a lot in advance

Hi @Ingo ,
You can try to use the Age interval dimension which contains time intervals of unresolved issue age (time between the creation time and current time). They are grouped by the issue creation date on the Time dimension. You can define intervals you would like to use a selection.

Add Issue type in Pages to filter only bugs.

Here you can see one example of how the age interval can look in the report: Unresolved issues by age interval and priority - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI

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