It would be good to have a inbuilt version control / Report changes history with EazyBI repors

Hi EazyBI Support team,

It would be greatly help to have a versioning system with EazyBI reports / ability to see the saved History on EazyBI reports.

It will be really helpful when we see the report changes in a period of time


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Thank you for the idea! Still, for now, we do not have plans to offer such historic views of the reports. Here are some ideas that might be useful:

Let me know if none of these cover your business need or if you have any other questions or suggestions. Thanks!
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I am sorry to pick up on this old issue again, but for me the reasoning behind it would be, that you can easily revert to a functioning report, without creating a need for a development copy. An option would be have publish feature, so management only sees a correct version and not a WIP, where you tried to change one measure (and everything else goes to waste etc).

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Hey @thealexauer,

Thank you for sharing your case with us! I upvoted the backlog item for you though I still cannot report any progress regarding report change history tracking in eazyBI.

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