It would be good to have a inbuilt version control / Report changes history with EazyBI repors

Hi EazyBI Support team,

It would be greatly help to have a versioning system with EazyBI reports / ability to see the saved History on EazyBI reports.

It will be really helpful when we see the report changes in a period of time


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Thank you for the idea! Still, for now, we do not have plans to offer such historic views of the reports. Here are some ideas that might be useful:

Let me know if none of these cover your business need or if you have any other questions or suggestions. Thanks!
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I am sorry to pick up on this old issue again, but for me the reasoning behind it would be, that you can easily revert to a functioning report, without creating a need for a development copy. An option would be have publish feature, so management only sees a correct version and not a WIP, where you tried to change one measure (and everything else goes to waste etc).

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Hey @thealexauer,

Thank you for sharing your case with us! I upvoted the backlog item for you though I still cannot report any progress regarding report change history tracking in eazyBI.

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Hey, I would request some sort of undo possibility. It is easy to accidentally break a lot of reports: say you update a measure or a calculated member (already in use by some reports) to improve the report you are currently working on. Now it can happen that the change makes the current report unusable or it has an unintended side effect on other reports but you do not see it right away as you are only looking on the report you currently edit.

So if any of that happens, it would be nice to be able to “undo” your last changes. One way of achieving this undo could be to have a version history of measures, reports and calculated members.

My current workaround for reports is to create a copy of the report I want to improve and work/test changes on the copy. That is ok for the report itself but as soon as you touch any non report specific measures this can break a lot of stuff.

Of course we backup our DB, but you do not want to revert the db to an old state just because you made a mistake on some measure.

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Hi @aherz!

Thank you for your thoughts and feedback! We have considered this and are working on an event audit log or change history. From there, you will be able to see the changes and restore the formulas of calculated members.

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