Javascript: issue.changelog.histories incomplete?

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I’m currently debugging an issue where my measure is not calculated correctly. I boiled it down to the field issue.changelog.histories being of incorrect lenght in eazyBI (47 items) vs. the original REST response from the same server (97 items).



vs. REST


Any hint on how to further debug this?

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To answer my own question: it seems that eazyBI filters the changelog to contain only elements that are activated as “Import history”.

Hi @thv ,
Yes, that is right, that not all changelog history entries are available. While eazyBI for Jira Cloud can access all history records with Rest API, the eazyBI for Jira Server version can access only a limited part of history records (status transitions, changes in single-select standard fields imported in eazyBI, and logged hours).

See more info here in this community that also provides a JavaScript code for creating a measure for “Activity History”:

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