Jenkins connection error

When i try to connect our jenkins system (https://…), i got the error message as below. I’ve an access but via eazyBI i don’t connect.

Failed to open TCP connection to (initialize: name or service not known)

Hi @sefa.gerdan,

It seems that eazyBI has a problem finding the Jenkins server.
It could be that your Jira server doesn’t know the Jenkins server by hostname.
You could try to connect to the Jenkins server using its IP address. Or by adding host name to the Jira server hosts file.

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Jānis Baiža

thank you so much @janis.baiza , after hostname settings, it will be fixed.

Hi, I’m trying to do a similar though on EazyBI cloud, however EazyBI isn’t able to connect to our internally hosted Jenkins.
Please can you advise the IP addresses / ranges that we’d need to open up in order to enable a connection?

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Hi @Andy_Pass,

The best option to get the eazyBI Cloud IP address list is to create an empty REST API application. There under the host input will be visible IP list:

Jānis Baiža

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Thanks Janis! Perfect!