Jira Custom field linked/tied to issue date

Hello once again!

I have currently this example table where it shows billable hours, hours logged across everything and hours that got billed for real in a weekly perspective.
1)Billable hours are shown as green.
2)All the hours logged across everything is blue. (Billable + Non billable hours)
3)And hours that got billed for real to the client are as pink. This number is coming from a custom field in Jira where somebody inserts the value manually.

Right now pink(billed hours for real) get applied to the date/week where someone inserted them.

[Measures].[<Custom field> added]

Desired outcome: pink gets pinned/linked to the task date(for example when the task was/transitioned to closed/done). In the weekly table it would be something like this - at W37 a task gets done - 8 hours logged, 2 weeks later it gets billed and invoiced for 7 hours, but instead showing the value on W39 it shows under W37. So there would an overview of how many of the total hours in W37 got billed.

Is something like this possible in EasyBI?

Hi @Endy_Stserbakov,
If you would like to get totals of custom number fields by different dates then please select Import as measure for these custom number fields.

E.g. if you will import as measure custom field Billable hours then after import you will have added three measures:

  • Billable hours created total is calculated for all issues and is assigned to issue creation date on Time dimension
  • Billable hours due total of all unresolved issues and is assigned to issue due date
  • Billable hours resolved total of all resolved issues and is assigned to issue resolution date.

Using those measures you can get that the Billable hours are grouped by different dates on Time dimension.

See more here: Jira custom fields

Gerda // support@eazyBI.com