JIRA - Dashboard Top Level Filters - How to?

Hello community! (JIRA)

I’m unable to see at what point one can select the filters that sit at the top of a dashboard, and how each dashboard can vary these top level filters that all graphs / overview can then absorb. When in Edit mode the heading is “Pages”.

I can manage these filters per graph but am looking at a way to have all graphs within a dashboard data managed at a level above the graphs.

I can see within the definition the config is above “dashboard_reports”.

Any pointing would be hugely appreciated!

You are probably looking for common page filters applied to all dashboard.
You might read more about them here - Create dashboards.

The idea is to add these dimensions to dashboard pages from the drop-down lists in the reports included in the dashboard while in dashboard edit mode.

Oskars / support@eazyBI.com