Jira epics are not consolidated under their component properly

So when I create a Gantt Chart to show all my “In progress” epics with their start date and end date, it shows them perfectly in the Gantt Chart.
When I try to add the component to show which epics belong to the higher level, they don’t come out clean. Here is what I mean.

My EazyBi has the “Project” to show the Component - I put it under ROWS
My EazyBi has the “Issue” to show the Issuetype which is Epic - I put it under ROWS.


Hi @Harp,

By default Components are available in the Project dimension and grouped under each project. However, this is not very handy if you have the same components across projects.

You might want to import Component as a separate dimension to group data.
Please see the documentation with the example on how to do this with JavaScipt calculated custom fields: JavaScript calculated custom fields.

Here are a few topics on a related subject:

Zane / support@eazyBI.com