Help displaying Component Name


The component is a multi-selection field in Jira, and each issue may have more than one.
To get related components to the issue, you may use function Generate() and iterate through all components which are related to issue. A formula may look like this:

  -- iterate through all components
    [Measures].[Issues created] > 0),
  -- retun a listo of issue related components separated by comma
  ', ')

Another approach is to import Component as issue property in eazyBI. To do this, you may define Component as JavaScript calculated custom field.
In eazyBI advanced settings, copy in this definition with JavaScript to fetch issue component.

name = "Component"
data_type = "string"
multiple_values = true
split_by = ","
javascript_code = '''
issue.fields.customfield_eazybicomponent = issue.fields.components;

Then in import options, select custom field Component to import as property. And import data.

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