Jira Insight Reporting

Hello Community,

I would like to built a report to count all objects that has “attribute A” non-empty.
“Attribute A” type is “object”.

After having this count, I would like to have the % of these objects comparing to the total amout of objects in my CMDB.

Another question : When having a table report. How can we generate the count of “non-empty” cells in a column. Like the feature available in MS Excel when selecting multiple cells …
Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi @aimane,

I recommend defining a new calculated measure, subtracting the number of objects with empty values for the particular attribute from all objects. This approach requires the attribute imported as a dimension. The formula could look similar to the one below, where I have the attribute “Competences” in the “Person” type objects, and for some Persons it is empty:

  ([Measures].[Objects created],
  [Person Competences].DefaultMember)
  ([Measures].[Objects created],
  [Person Competences].[(none)])

The report could look similar to the one below. It also includes the Object dimension property “Object Person Competences” to verify the results:

For your other question, the approach could differ depending on the table configuration and where you want to display the number of non-empty cells. First, you can try the same approach as recommended above. You can see 1 for each row that is not empty and the total number in a level above individual members.

Another option is counting the non-empty values for a particular column and using the “Total of rows” functionality:

  NOT IsEmpty([Measures].[Object Person Competences])

Roberts // support@eazybi.com