Jira issues in table reports - icons & links



Hi team,

this is just an enhancement to consider. Would it possible to think about rendering issuetype and priority icons in table reports (as an optional feature)? The reports would like much better then.

Also, is it possible to have Jira issues as active links? So that the report view can directly click on the Jira issue and get to right to Jira? Now, users have to use “Go to source” option in the context menu which is not intuitive. Again, this could be optional.



Thank you, @eset_janata, for your insights and suggestions!

I agree that pictures (and icons) may help to read the report and would be a helpful improvement. eazyBI does not have an option to show a picture from file or URL link yet. We have it in our backlog. And I added your vote to it.

In our backlog, we have another improvement to support rich text format and links for text fields. This could be a solution to make a clickable link directly to the Jira issue.
I will post an update there when anything changes.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com