Jira report with work logged during sprint shows hours logged in a previous sprint

I have a report with sprint number as a row (selectable through a page selection). In columns a have a list of projects (we work on several projects during a sprint). I only have one measure ‘hours spent’.

For some reason I’m getting a result that includes hours logged in several earlier sprints than the one selected. Why does this happen? I would only like to see the hours logged during the sprint selected.

Hi @panule

Please check the documentation page about “Hours spent” measure when it is used with “Sprint” dimension.

Hours should be logged in the following period of a sprint to consider them as logged during the sprint (exact date and time is taken into account):

** from the date when the issue was added to the sprint;*
** to the date when the issue was removed from sprint, or sprint completion date (if the issue was not resolved during the sprint); for issues resolved during the sprint, all hours logged after the sprint is closed also are counted.*

eazyBI looks for issue work log entries with “Date started” within the described time period and then sums up all time spent from those work logs.

Martins / eazyBI